It wasn't the Tenreiros. It wasn't the Sergios. Nor were the Geraldos, Gillons, Linas, Scapinellis, Hauners, Eislers, Zanines. Not even the Lafers, Cimos, just as they were not the Celinas or the Fátimas.

My greatest discovery in nearly two decades "mining" for these wood jewels, was for a long time anonymous. Indeed an anonymous. At least, up to that moment, one prominent anonymous.

My deepest discovery was myself.

I discovered myself.

I discovered my passion in something that was born accidentally, with my father and uncle, in my early teens, which would then become my profession.

A skill that feeds and elevates me.
A craft that introduced me to one new and wider world.

Not one. Several.

The worlds of creativity, brazilianness, design, and culture. The world of memories. Of affection. Of people. And the world of what is unique, rare.

Maybe that's why, moreover, precisely because of that, “Lipe”, my nickname, became my brand.

It may seem like a self-centered measure, egoic perhaps, but I assure you it is not. On the contrary. It is a way of announcing and expressing that what we offer is my best, all my passion for this craft that conquered me and that allowed me to discover myself.

From curated prospecting to careful commercialization, from respect for the production chain to originality as a non-negotiable premise. All driven by he who found himself. And that now gives back to the Brazilian Modern Furniture and its totems, his profound appreciation, respect, and deference.

Pleasure. We are “Lipe”.