Hi. Happy new year. Hope that 2023 will be rare and original. Here is the catalog of our second and much-celebrated Venda Especial. The first of the year, but our second move into a new universe, very different from our well known auctions.

With Venda Especial II we strengthen the trajectory inaugurated in Venda Especial I, in December last year. We've ushered in a new approach. The volume makes room for curatorship. The time and dialogue with the pieces are of another order. A new bid.

Sergio Rodrigues, Tenreiro, Zanine, Zalszupin, Celina, Scapinelli, Lafer, Hauner, and Finn Juhl share a leading role in this launch, with a promotional purchase period from February 1 to 15, with values 10% lower than those that will be practiced after this period. After the 15th of February, the values will be 10% higher. The ephemeral and the rare as roots of our new project.

Nice ride. Good shopping. And thank you.


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